Having worked in veterinary clinic's since 1997, Marshall knows how demanding day to day operations can be in practice.  The veterinarian needs to focus on patient care but all too often is weighed down with business matters.  Leaders should be focused on management but regularly have to help the team with basic operations or medical emergencies to keep the day moving.  The result is stagnation that prevents the practice from prospering. 


Marshall Liger, LVT, CVPM can provide an objective viewpoint of your practice, help develop a plan for success, implement strategies with accountability and will help you track the results.  Options vary including onsite visits (incluidng traveling) or remote meetings.



Tracking results is the only way to know if the plan is successful.   Results can be tracked in a variety of ways depending on the areas of the practice that have been under review.   Metrics are unique for each practice. 



Once the plans and goals are determined, we will work together to outline the implementation process.  We will prioritize the plan based on reasonable expectations for success.


This will include a combination of meetings (in person or remotely) and "homework assignments" which is your part of activating change for forward momentum.   



A great plan requires a solid foundation.  An analysis of your practice will be the foundation for developing plans. 


During an initial consulation, Marshall will work with you to gain an understanind of your needs.  Whether you need help with a specific part of your practice (i.e. team development) or you need a more comprehensive review, Marshall will work with you to determine your unique needs and goals.